Richard Alexander Green

February 12, 2013

Richard Alexander Green

wrote his first computer program in 1962. Since then he has written lots of programs, managed projects, taught strategic planning, data modeling and process modeling, written methodology manuals, and presented at International Association of Software Architects, European Smalltalk User Group, Detroit One Dev Day, Semantic Tech and Business Conference, and local user group meetings. He has done Enterprise Architecture, but is trying to quit.

Essays on Software

  • Inventing The Next Business Programming Language. (PDF)
  • Directed Evolution for Business Automation (PDF)

Presentations (Slides) — see also:  SlideShare.

  • Agile Architecture (PDF) – Slides for 19-Nov-2012 talk to Michigan Agile Enthusiasts.
    – There is some tension between Agile concepts and Architecture concepts.
    Why is that? What can be done?
  • Agile SOA – Agile EAI (PPT)
    – A technique for planning Agile Service Oriented Architecture
    to achieve Agile Enterprise Application Integration
  • Practical Ontologies for Enterprise Data Management (PDF)
    – An enterprise needs to know what data they own, who uses it, when it is updated, where it is stored and used, why it is useful.
  • Zen and Enterprise Architecture  – Beginner’s Mind (PDF)
    – an introduction to the main concepts of Enterprise Architecture